On a greek vacation in Paros island. Oct 2017


Itai shaked is an Israeli artist based in downtown Tel Aviv. He is an artist, an art teacher and an art explorer. In 2013 Itai has graduated with honours his Master degree studies in arts research, at the interdisciplinary programe for the arts at the Tel Aviv university. In 2005 he graduated his B.ed studies in arts and art education, including a ministry of education "certified educator" diploma, at the "Midrasha- Beit Berl college school of art". In 1999 itai had studied fashion photography at "The European Institute of Design" in Milano, italy. In 1998 he had studied film & video at "Camera Obscura- school of art" in Tel aviv. During his I.D.F service Itai had served as an army photographer at the experiment unit of the ordnance corps.

Itai shaked is a painter. In recent years he paints mainly on plywood with mixed media such as acrylic paint, watercolors, oil pastels, graphite, pencils, crayons, ink and correction pens. He works both in color and in black & white. He also produces an abundence of preparation drawings, both in pencils and in watercolors, all waiting in time to turn into great works of art. Coming from a photography background, Itai says he has always noticed the meaningful difference between the world of color imagery and the world of black & white imagery. This difference in cosmic scale occupies his attention while working on his works of art.